Police in Hong kong have on the night between Monday and Tuesday found two bombs at a school that was able to ‘kill a large number of people’.

It informs bombespecialist Alick McWhirter by the Hong kong Police, writes CNN.

Both bombs were fully functional and ready to use. Both had only one function – to kill and injure people, says Alick McWhirter.

McWhirter points out, that it is the largest bombefund, the police have made since the protests in Hong kong broke out.

the Bombs were found at Wah Yan College, and the school informs on its website that there is no evidence that pupils or staff at the school are behind.

the School is easily accessible to intruders, sounds the on.

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one bomb was larger than the other, and combined, weighted according to McWhirter ten kilos and was filled with explosives.

At the weekend it was half a year ago that the protests in Hong kong began.

Sunday was 800.000 black protesters from all walks of life on the streets in Hong kong to participate in new demonstrations.

For the first time since august, the police had allowed the demonstration, which is organized by the Civil Human Rights Front, one of Hong kong’s biggest pro-democracy groups.

This trades the fighting in Hong kong. Video/editing: AP/Anders Olsen