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Love blossoms for the Singer Skoubo, who won the latest round of ‘Paradise Hotel’.

the Reality Awards reveals paradisoen to Ekstra Bladet, that he has got himself a girlfriend. And it is not one that is completely foreign to realityseerne.

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He has scored Christel Trubka, who starred in the 2015 edition of the ‘Paradise Hotel’.

– We are lovers. We were at the new year. There we got the title of, says Singer with a laugh on the red carpet.

the Singer is particularly fond of Christels new tits, which she proudly showed up on the red carpet. Photo: Anthon Unger.

Here he tells what he fell for the boyfriend.

– She is lovely, and she has just got big silikonepatter, he says with a laugh.

On the red carpet was Christel Trubka, however, not much to say anything about his new love.

the Breasts, in contrast, would she like to talk about.

– They are brand new, and this is the first time I show them off. I’m really happy for them, she said with a laugh.

Christel Trubka has previously told Extra Bladet that she was single in the beginning of 2019. Hjertesorgerne resulted among other things in that she lost the appetite in a period of time, and she ended up losing 11 kilos.

Now she has again found love.

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