Christine Feldthaus can both write erhvervskvinde, lecturer, livsstilsekspert and tv host on the cv.

Many know her enough especially from the DR programs ‘do you Know the type’ and ‘So F***ing special’, but also in the course of 2019, she has toned very up on the screen, when she starred in ‘Peitersen and Feldthaus’ and ‘the Guest and the Horse’.

The 57-year-old tv host live certainly not a dull life, and already now she can reveal that we get a lot more to see her in the new year.

– It goes super well. I have just completed my lecture tour and ending the last job 17. december. And then I started to make more tv with Melvin Kakooza, since we need to make the ‘Guest and the Horse,’ season two, says Christine to Ekstra Bladet.

Film, tv & radio – 14. nov. 2019 – at. 19:42 Fodboldfrue in a surprising change of job

– in Addition, I started with a new season of ‘Peitersen and Feldthaus’ and will be on tour again in the spring. So there are lots of look for. I have cakes in the oven, laughing, she adds that there is also time to keep a little julefri between the many tasks. However, it is not something she gives priority to something special.

– I am not at all up in the christmas in fact. I keep a very unconventional christmas, but I will reveal what I’m doing, she says secretively.

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