There is no doubt that many have sat with a sultry smile, as ‘the Robinson Expedition’ was shown on tv in the autumn. Among the many beautiful people on the screen was the model Jaffer Janjooa, which reached all the way to the finals – without winning.

En Ekstra Bladet meets him for the preview screening of the ‘Paradise Hotel’-the season that starts 1. January, he affirms, that there was sent many offers in his direction, as the program was on.

– There were insanely many who wrote, and many more than I had anticipated. They ask really nicely, whether or not we are going on a date, whether they can give a beer, or when I can come by and visit them. I answer them all, he says with a laugh.

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Unfortunately, the answer is not positive. For right now, and here it becomes a ‘no thanks’ from the model.

– I have chosen to put datinglivet to the side and think of myself. It is someone who has respected, and others that do not have – they are so been writing. They are calling also to me in the social media. I think it is very sweet, says Jaffer Janjooa.

Why don’t you have a girlfriend?

– I am always open if the right one comes, but I do not seek. I like that there is only myself to take into consideration. When I’m alone, I can do whatever I want, and it suits me fine right now.

It was not successful Jaffer to win the expedition. In the finals he lost, and Jack to the Nis. Photo: Jan Sommer

the Calendar is already filled up with appointments. For the February take Jaffer to London to hunt for modeldrømmen. He tells that there are three agencies that are interested in him, but that he can only belong to one. Therefore he must see the conditions detailed an.

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It does not mean, however, that we necessarily have seen the last of him on the screen. It’s just not right in the programs such as ‘Paradise Hotel’ and ‘Ex on the Beach’.

– exactly ‘Paradise Hotel’, I do not think my mother will think so good about, haha, but I’m fresh on the other as examples reality programmes such, if the opportunity should arise, he says and rounds of.

– I want to be in the ‘dancing with the stars’, if it should be, and if you can call it a realityprogram.