The Danish hockey player Frederik Andersen and his All Star team managed not to win the All Star finals in the NHL.

It is clear, after the team from the Atlantic Division lost 4-5 to the team from the Pacific Division in the final.

Earlier, Frederik Andersen and the rest of the team from the Atlantic Division made their way to the finals by winning 9-5 over the Metropolitan Division on the night of Sunday, Danish time.

The Danish keeper, who usually plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs, was in goal for the Atlantic Division in the first period of the first match. Here he made just five saves on nine attempts, and the first period ended 4-4.

In the second period stood Russian Andrei Vasilevski, who is the second aliquot, the goalie from the Atlantic Division, on goal.

The Russian keeper managed to make six saves on seven attempts, and was thus greatly helps to ensure the victory of 9-5.

With the victory was Frederik Andersen and the Atlantic Division meeting of the Pacific Division of the All Star finals. The finals were also played on the night of Sunday, Danish time.

Pacific Division had won 10-5 over the Central Division, and went thus in the final.

In the final delivered Frederik Andersen eight saves on nine attempts, and the Atlantic Division was in front 3-1.

But without dane, and with Vasilevski in goal the team lost the second period, which ended 4-1 to the Pacific Division, which thus took the victory and the title.

Frederik Andersen was the only other dane in the story selected for the prestigious All Star weekend.

Frans Nielsen was in 2017, the first dane to be selected to the showkampene played in the course of a weekend, with great attention to follow.

To the All Star weekend, selected the most attractive and best players from the four divisions in the NHL.

In the All Star matches do you play three against three in order to get many more targets and completions, and there are ten players in total in there on each team.

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