The Swedish golfer Sebastian Söderberg went on Sunday, the fastest round ever on the European Tour.

Before the last round of the Dubai Desert Classic, he was in the rankings of the players who had made the cut, and when he was without any chance for a top spot, he decided to get in the headlines on the second show.

In the course of just 96 minutes walked – or rather ran – he the 18 holes, and it was 23 minutes faster than the so far fastest round on the European Tour.

As part of Sebastian Söderbergs great plan he had brother Jesper caddy.

I thought of it yesterday, and it was important to get my brother to carry my bag, for he had the most important job, he ran almost constantly.

– He said to me this morning that he was very fond of the idea, so we agreed that we would do it, says Sebastian Söderberg to the AFP.

He tells that when he was beat out on a par-3 hole, he got a club in his hand, while his brother immediately took golftasken on the back and headed toward the green, so they could save time.

When an odd number of players were out on the field on Sunday, went to the swede round alone, which made the record.

The 29-year-old swede ended up having to go the round in three strokes over par. It matched his round on Friday, and was even better than his round on Saturday.

I have been struggling with my game the last two days, so I figured out that it would hardly harm me, if I started to run between battles and not thought about as much.

– Three strokes over par is pretty well gone, when you consider that I didn’t hit a single fairway, ” he says.

He could even rejoice to get away from the rankings, as englishman Aaron Rai went for a much worse round.

The Swedish brethren, however, hardly to hunt for an even faster round. At least not if it stands to brother Jesper, who spunsede around with the clubs.

– It was fun, but I will never do it again. I actually have no idea how many strokes he used. I spoke not at all, says a sweating Jesper Söderberg.

On the PGA Tour was american Wesley Bryan in 2017 listed for a round of 89 minutes.