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Last year, won Rajbek Bisultanov the first european championship in wrestling for Denmark in 93 years.

Previously he has also won the european championship gold and WORLD cup silver for the 23-wrestlers with the flag sitting on the brydertrikoten.

Still hangs bryderens dream to represent Denmark at the summer OLYMPICS in Tokyo in a thread.

the OLYMPIC rules dictate that athletes must have citizenship of the country they wish to represent.

And here comes the Rajbek Bisultanov in the clamp. He does not meet the requirements to become a Danish citizen, because he does not have a permanent residence permit.

It is because he has in the last four years on average has worked 27,5 hours per week, while a permanent residence permit requires a work week of an average of 30 hours.

– It is no longer realistic, that it (the passport, red.) getting ready for the OLYMPICS in Tokyo, says Thor Hyllegaard Pedersen, who is the team he will play in the Danish wrestling federation.

Connected to accept the legislation, but I regret nevertheless over the outcome.

– It is very pity to see a young wrestler that has integrated itself into our society and at the same time that he’s betting hard on its sports, not going to the OLYMPICS, says sportschefen.

The Danish breaks at the Sport 2019, the previous weekend. Photos: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix

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As the Rajbek Bisultanov later got a refusal on a permanent residence permit was due to it according to the sportschefen, that he had not an education.

has he taken later, but in the meantime, the rules in this area has been changed, tells Thor Hyllegaard Pedersen.

– If we had been able to see into the future, before the rules were changed, so should we have given him a unskilled work in 2014 and let him work through until now. So he had fulfilled his number of hours and most likely got the permanent residence permit in 2019, says Thor Hyllegaard Pedersen.

In bryderforbundet recognise that you could have done things differently and thereby ensured that Rajbek Bisultanov achieved the 30 hour work week.

– of Course, we could it. We could have gone to be with to take him to represent Denmark at the WORLD cup, the european championships and the training camps. Let him stay home and only work.

– But we had chosen the model, so he had probably not succeeded in the degree that he did at the european championships in 2019, says Thor Hyllegaard Pedersen.

Also Denmark Idrætsforbunds chef de mission, Søren Simonsen, stresses that respect for the Danish legislation. Anyway, I regret him, and connected, to Rajbek Bisultanov probably can not represent Denmark in Japan.

Whether Rajbek Bisultanov should have prioritized differently and dropped some of træningsturene and the championships, will Soren Simonsen did not assess.

I shall not make me wise on. It is something that brydeforbundet have looked at and evaluated, ” he says.

He hopes to find a better balance towards the OLYMPICS in 2024, so Rajbek Bisultanov can represent Denmark.

– Either we must do something different in cooperation with brydeforbundet, so he can hit it here hours. It’s just too bad for Denmark, because it can go out over his performance at the championships.

– Or, can it be, that we must engage in a dialogue about it to work as a professional sportsman can be credited as hours included in the total number of hours that must be in the job, ” says Søren Simonsen.

If this dialogue must be concluded, however, it will require a change in attitude from the Social democrats. In early January, told the party’s indfødsretsordfører, Rasmus Stoklund, TV Midtvest, that he did not think that the rules should be made.

– I can easily imagine many examples where you think that right here right now, it’s too bad. I have every sympathy for that.

– But if we make rules, it applies to all, and so it becomes easier to get permanent residence and citizenship in Denmark, and we are not interested in, he said to the tv station.

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