the Waves go high, and the emotions are given free rein, when there is something at stake in a football game, but Monday was drawn a limit to how far one can go when it comes to verbal assaults on judges.

It came to pass in the court of Odense, where a 28-year-old player in a faculty of serieklub was sentenced to 20 days in jail and 40 hours of community service for threats against a judge in a battle in november 2018.

Fængselsstraffen was made conditional, which mainly happened due to the protracted proceedings. The probationary period is one year.

the convicted person should not be behind bars, however does nothing for the signal the court sent to the outside world. It considers both the injured musician, Bjarne Foli and John Rasmussen, as member of the supervisory board in Funen football referee Club, after the sentencing.

– It is good to see that there was a conviction. It is good for football, and it is good for the colleagues, there are judges out there week after week, said Bjarne Foli, which was clearly marked by the case, when it finally came to court.

It was a violent episode that was pulled forward in the courtroom. The fight was from the start an intense affair. It was also the case in the stands, where there was a thrown firecracker and demonstrated a commitment, as the witnesses have never seen the like.

Bjarne Foli had in the fight handing out more warnings, and when he progressed to the extradition of the now convicted, there was uproar, where he was verbally assaulted and threatened on his life. ‘I should probably ensure that you do not come from here alive,’ cried the convicted person according to Foli.

the court refused the 28-year-old to have commented on the way in, but he acknowledged that he called the referee a ‘fucking idiot’, which was ‘fucking miserable’. Witnesses supported, however, only Folis manufacture, as the magistrate Torben Østergreen-Johansen in the judgment described as ‘detailed, safe and trustworthy’.

– Since the fight was completely in the boil, I tried to stop it, but the defendant was completely up and running and was not going to stop, explained Foli in court.

Foli called the fight with three minutes again, when he was threatened. This resulted in renewed resurrection, and the name was Foli as a threat to their life. It is not clear who was behind this death threat number two.

the blow-off of the match meant that the 28-year-olds team was judged as the loser, and it’s got a bunch of players and possibly spectators with the affiliation of the club to storm toward the judge.

A police officer who randomly was present at the fight, explained in court that Foli was ‘white in the head’ of the dread, when he went to udeholdets trænerboks and asked immediately to have summoned the police. ‘I’m being threatened on his life. I find myself not in,’ said Foli, according to the small town explanation.

Protected by the plainclothes cop from the emerging bunch of players sought Foli refuge in his car. The cop helped him by showing his politiskilt, which muted the scene.

– If not, I had entered, then I am sure that he had been assaulted, said the officer of the court.

The convicted persons selected, after a short conversation with his defender to receive the judgment.


No place in football

soccer referee Bjarne Foli in front of the court in Odense, where on Monday was held that the costs of imprisonment to threaten a judge on life. Even if it is said during a battle, where the emotions can be in the boil. Photo: Brian Askvig.

In the soon as a year and a half that has passed since he was threatened on his life in a football match, the violent episode had the great importance for the soccer referee Bjarne Foli, but since the whole thing was refreshed in the court, hit the experience with him far harder than expected.

he explained after the hearing to Ekstra Bladet. Several times he had emotional abandon to complete sentences, but he stressed that he is not to everyday life is the mark of the case.

– It has not influenced my life. I judge still football and must judge the matches here in the coming weekend, said Foli.

– But it is clear, that when it all comes up to the surface, so makes the impression.

– I’m a musician to have fun and to help the young people out in the clubs. How something like this has no place in football, and it is good that it has now been settled with this judgment, said Bjarne Foli.

John Rasmussen, as member of the supervisory board in Funen football referee Club, call matter of principle. He declares himself ‘crazy satisfied’ that the accused was convicted of true Foli on life.

– There is a lot in a football game, and we judges must be able to withstand a lot, but we must not tolerate a threat to their life, ” says John Rasmussen.

– I am satisfied that the court stated that it is a criminal offence to threaten people on life regardless of where it happens. For the whole of the world of football, it is important that there is drawn a line in the sand.

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