The defending world champion, Michael Christensen will wake up to the WORLD cup victory.

With a half-hour delay, he was together with his French partner Kevin Esters, on the other side of midnight chinese time declared to win the GTE Pro class in the 4-hour WORLD championship race in Shanghai.

When had the duo set a course towards Europe.

With skrivebordssejren featured the defending world champions in the class their lead in the WORLD championship series to 17 points.

The Danish/French couple in a Porsche 911 RSR ended the otherwise as no. 2 in Sunday’s race after a Ferrari 488 GTE driven by Alessandro Pier Guidi, Italy and James Calado, the united kingdom, but after many hours back and forth was vinderbilen ‘eliminated’.

the Reason: the Floor, as the bottom sometimes called, was lowered to below the allowed 50 millimeters across the asphalt.

the Disqualification meant that Michael Christensen and Kevin Esters, which in addition to the WORLD cup also has won Le Mans, alternated today’s second place finish, in addition, the season’s third in a row, to a first place finish, while Ferrari’s, which would otherwise lay the slipstream of the WORLD cup-the post, was stripped of 25 points for a win.

Thus was the WORLD cup race on the Formula 1 track in Shanghai for the second year in a row to a Danish win.

a year ago, prevailed Nicki Thiim and Marco Sørensen.

they were on The way to repeat the feat and led Sunday’s race, since the possibility of a repetition disappeared when Marco Sorensen came out of a violent puncture with dækrester spread out over the track.

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