Motorsportstalentet Nicklas Nielsen has come through the eye of the needle.

The 22-year-old dane has thus signed a contract with Ferrari for the coming years and thus become fabrikskører for the Italian large groups.

It is he, for Ferrari GT-motorsportsteam, Competizioni GT, where he is the first dane on an ended contract. Thus he takes a further step in the Ferrari-journey that started back in 2017, when he came to the Danish Ferrari team, Formula Racing, and in the just-ended season, he was this year’s rookie in the european Le Mans series GTE-class, which he won together with Alessandro Pier Guidi and Fabien Lavergne-

– It is so huge that I still do not even have grasped it. My journey has been relatively short, but incredibly effective. I drove my first GT-race for Formula Racing in the fall of 2017, and my first full season came the year after, where I secured the european Challenge championship and verdenstitlen.

– this year has been absolutely amazing with a championship in the European Le Mans Series plus a participation in the World Endurance Championship, and to be able to finish the year with one of the most sought after kørerkontrakter in the hand, is simply great.

– A big thank you to all those who have been around me along the way, and especially for the Formula Racing, which put me in a Challenge-racer two years ago to see what I could, says Nicklas Nielsen in a press release.
How to watch a freshly cut Ferrarikører out. Photo: Formula Racing
A fabrikskontrakt with the Ferrari, the 22-year-old østjyde this summer is going to run his first Le Mans in an otherwise well packed season. But it takes Nicklas Nielsen like with.

– I am looking for insanely to get started. Actually the calendar is already pretty well filled up, since I already run a full season in the world championship with af Corse, which is Ferrari’s sales subsidiary in the GT series.

– But there will, without doubt, to be a lot more work, especially the testing and development work, which is hugely exciting. And so, I hope of course also to be placed in some more races in 2020, says Nicklas Nielsen.

He started, like so many others in karting before he in 2016 won rookietitlen in the German Formula 4 championship and the following year secured the same trophy in the Audi TT Cup. Then we went to to Formula Racing.

In this season, he has also first appearance in the GTE Am class in the World Endurance Championship – here he laid out to take the victory., where he took the victory in the debutløbet in september.

It was in this Ferrari 488 that Nicklas Nielsen won the GTE class in the european Le Mans series. photo: Formula Racing

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