Wednesday’s program in the qualifiers for the Australian Open is affected by the evictions.

But unlike the previous days when the smoke from the nearby and ongoing forest fires have bothered everyone in the australian city, is it Wednesday, paradoxically, the rain that teases.

As the image below illustrates, the form of precipitation in a vexed combination with the smoke of a misty mass, which makes it difficult to see much.

It is the professional tennis player Mikael Torpegaard, verdensranglistens number 194, who took the photo and kindly lent it to Ekstra Bladet.

He is by having to say farewell to Melbourne and Australia, after he on Tuesday played – and lost – in the qualification tournament for the year’s first Grand Slam tournament.

– I’m staying at the Grand Hyatt, where I usually will have views over to Melbourne Park (where the tournament is played, red.). But it’s raining, so it is a little hard to see.

It is most of all like a thick fog that hangs over it all, as we also have in Denmark once in a while, he explains.

Photo: Mikael Torpegaard
the Rain is all other things being equal, a much-needed breathing space for the hard-pressed australians – both people and animals – who for many weeks has suffered under the extreme temperatures and the consequent criminal fires raging across the country.

And it is growing, the rain.

Supposedly continues rainfall in the coming days. But it is Australia, so the weather need to be extremely. Therefore, there is high risk of a tropical storm.

According to Sarah Scully, who is metrolog at Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology, it is difficult to be convinced that the rain, which would wash over the area the next few days, will be enough to put an end to the fires.

– In the best case, with the many rain showers and storms beginning Wednesday and until they can really make a difference and extinguish a series of fires. But make sure to cross your fingers for the tropical stormed nature means that it is hit-and-miss, and they vary enormously, she says, according to ABC.

Photo: Erik Anderson/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

Photo: William West/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

Photo: David Crosling/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

Most of all, she has the desire to promise anything.

– With the instability that is created by this, as well as the increasing humidity, these ingredients are a really unpredictable environment, with increasing showers and storms.

One thing is for sure: the Temperatures take a sharp dive from 35-40 degrees to approximately 20 degrees.

There’s gonna be creeps and quirky characters in Alice Springs and behind Uluru, who will fret over it, but the majority of the population in the large country must be presumed that the sigh of pleasure over the weather forecast.

Regardless of what the Australian Open is already the mark of it.

Mikael Torpegaard noticed it on their own body during the fight on Tuesday.

The same did slovenian Dalila Jakupovic, that coughing had to leave the tournament after a collapse. Furthermore, there are reports of a bolddreng, which collapsed and had to be carried out.

I experienced it myself on Tuesday. The day before had been okay, but since the qualification began Tuesday, when we went on the field, the visibility was very poor.

I didn’t think much of it during warm up, but when the fight began, and we really went for it, I could feel it in the lungs.

Mikael Torpegaard in action for Denmark in the Davis Cup. Photo: Melissa Kühn Hjerrild/Ritzau Scanpix

It did fucking hurt to breathe. It was hard to breathe. At the same time, had the judges been instructed that the maximum had to go 25 seconds in between the balls. Otherwise there fell warnings.

– I said it to him in 1. set: ‘I don’t know if you can do something about it, but it’s hard to breathe’. I know, I know, he said and explained that it was approved from the top.

And it should really not sound like an excuse. Him, I met, were just better than me – and the situation is otherwise similar for all, says Mikael Torpegaard, however, adds that it was ’just tough enough’.

at the time Of writing is five herresinglekampe set as a result of bad weather.

Mikael Torpegaard shives to the weather again and try to give a bid on, whether it makes sense to continue the tournament under the extreme conditions.

– It is right on the border. I’m not sure that I can call the. The Australian Open is one of the four biggest tournaments in the world. And it’s difficult to push such an event. It has been hard to imagine, yes, it is unlikely that such a large factor from the outside should come and push it all.

– But it turns out that it is indefensible and harmful, one must of course make sure the safety first, he says, and almost laughs when he is asked if he has tried something like this:

– No, I have not.

He is now travelling home to Los Angeles to play tournaments the next few weeks in New Port Beach (in LA) and since Dallas.

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