the Word ‘welcome’ can he not get over his lips, but David Lappartient, president of the international cykleunion UCI, recognize that Bjarne Riis has every right to return to work at the highest level in the sport.

he states in an interview with Velonews made in Australia by the year’s first World Tour race, Tour Down Under.

No one has been in doubt Riis’ rights, but Lappartient has in the past in the strongest terms the added distance to the leaders in the sport with dopingplettet past, why his current position to the Riis is an interesting one.

– There are riders who doped in their era, and which today are not welcome in cykelsportsmiljøet. They have caused to the sport immense damage, and they must live with the consequences, said Lappartient for the newspaper Luxembourger Wort, soon after he had acceded to the post of UCI president in 2017.

– Former dopere has nothing to do in the sport. If Bjarne Riis in the morning celebrated his comeback, it would not be good for the sport. He can, for my sake love the sport, but he doesn’t need to be in the front row at the races, said Lappartient at the time.

today, takes he a more pragmatic attitude.

– He has a right to return, which he fully recognised that he was in the wrong as a rider. He has the right to return to the sport, says Lappartient for Velonews.

Riis left the World Tour in march 2015, when he dramatically broke with the Russian billionaire Oleg Tinkov, who bought Riis’ team and hired him as teammanager. The employment relationship ended abruptly with it, Tinkov called a firing, while Riis maintained, that there was a common agreement.

David Lappartient has previously made no secret of its reluctance dopingsyndere, who works in the sport, but now he keeps himself to establish that the rules do not prevent a Co-comeback. Photo: DENIS BALIBOUSE/Ritzau Scanpix

8. January of this year, announced Riis, that he and his associate in the Virtu Cycling Group had entered into agreement to take over a third of the Ryder Cycling, which operates the World Tour team NTT Pro Cycling.

Riis’s comeback as teammanager was met with mixed reactions, of which the negative was related to Riis’ past as dopet Tour de France winner and owner of a World Tour team, where there was doping, without Riis progressed into.

I understand people’s reactions, but as UCI president, I must make it clear that he has the right to return to the sport, says Lappartient for Velonews.

– I am sure he has learned his lesson from the past, so he can be stronger in the future.

the UCI rules introduced in 2011 forecloses the dopingsyndere from getting a license to work in the sport, but the rules apply only to offenses committed after the rules came into force.

Consequently, there are today numerous previous dopingsyndere, which has a regular job as a sportsdirektører in the professional field.

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