Jeremy Corbyn is officially still the leader of the Labour party in the Uk.

But after the disastrous election for the labor party is the rumor mill is already in full swing. Who should be the heir of the socialist, the 70-year-old venstrefløjsprofil? And Labour re-search toward the center as under succesårene with Tony Blair?

If the last is the case, can Stephen Kinnock suddenly become a hot topic.

The moderate Labour profile was re-elected with a solid edge for the number two in the stålbyen Port Talbot near Swansea in Wales. And with a father who was Labour leader in the’80s, drops the talk naturally on whether the son can reach out to the throne of the ailing party. Already during the Ekstra valgdækning in the nordengelske cities was Stephen Kinnock of the local Labour-people mentioned as a possible successor.

And kinnock’s wife, former prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (S), do not exactly much in order to silence all the talk about her husband’s partifremtid in the ground.

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In an interview with CNN she answers Friday about the beaten Jeremy Corbyn:

– Anyone who loses so big, must respect the voters and resign, says Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

– Will your husband put up in formandskampen? asks the CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour.

– you must ask him about, is the answer elusive from the previous S-president.

Kinnock himself has so far been strongly out with the rake against Jeremy Corbyn

the BBC has a Labour member on Friday said:

– They (the conservatives red.) has made our country a laughing stock abroad, and yet we could not beat them. It traps a hard-nosed judgment over Labour’s defeat.

How responded the british on the solid victory for Johnson. Producer: Lasse Brøndal

Sitting solid
Stephen Kinnock has been sitting in the british parliament since 2015, when he moved to Wales and got the sure-fire the constituency of Aberavon in south Wales.

however, It was just about to fail the Kinnock at all to be drawn up at urafstemningen among Labour members in the circle. But a solid kampagnehold among other things, set in motion by the father of Neil Kinnock, former Labour party president, was in the end enough votes.

Since then they have three choices, Kinnock is made up for, almost been formalities, and with Aberavon has been Labour since 1922.

total voted 17.008 on the Proposal at Thursday’s election, while Charlotte Long from The Conservative Party, was number two with 6518 votes.

the By-election in 2017 was Stephen Kinnock over 22.600 votes in Aberavon, which is considered as one of the most untouchable constituencies for the british labour party. Thus Kinnock as Labour generally gone back. But with a lead of 10,000 for the number two, it is still one of the more positive results in a miserable choice.