China will buy $ 50 billion – equivalent to well 330 billion – u.s. agricultural goods, while the UNITED states will roll back and reduce the tariff.

It illuminates the sources with knowledge of the trade negotiations, according to Reuters, while the two countries Thursday took steps to de-escalate the handelskrigen.

Buy China in the extent, it will correspond to a doubling of what the country bought from the U.S. in 2017, before handelskrigen began.

It shall notify the two us sources with knowledge of the negotiations, according to Reuters.

in return, the U.S. will postpone a planned customs duty of 160 billion u.s. dollars, which was set to take effect 15. december. In addition, existing tariffs being rolled back in varying degrees.

the UNITED states and China is “in principle” agreed on a first phase of a trade agreement, wrote to the news agency Bloomberg News earlier Thursday.

It was, however, at the same time pointed out that a future agreement still awaiting approval from the president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump.