Adam Sandler is usually not a man you associate with something as prestigious as the annual Oscaruddeling. Nevertheless, it decreased more for the breast that he did not score a nomination for best actor, when they were published Monday.

Although the 53-year-old Sandler is mostly known for his comedy, which consistently aiming below the belt, is his starring role in the film ‘Uncut Gems’ has been praised to the skies by critics the world over. The role threw among the other nominations for the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and Independent Spirit Awards, but it was not enough for the academy awards.

Sandler is not exactly known as the type who takes things heavily, and it is also borne out by his Twitter postings, in which he takes the blade from his mouth to give his opinion on the matter.

‘Bad news:, the Sandman gets no love from the academy. Good news: the Sandman no longer need a suit. Congratulations to all of my friends, who was nominated, especially Mama,’ he writes.

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Adam Sandler is well aware he is not the first name you think of when the coveted statuettes to be distributed. At another awards ceremony in New York last week, he told A, that it would be ‘bloody funny’, if he won.

– I’m totally psyched to be in this film, and it would also be pissedejligt to win, was the verdict from him, before he quickly stated that he does not make movies to win awards.

– Special about this film, I knew that something was different. I was dying to make it.

‘Uncut Gems’ jumped cinemas in Denmark, but can be seen on Netflix right now.

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