It seems clear that with the approval of the green axis projects in Barcelona’s Eixample as simple ordinary municipal works, the government of Ada Colau, in February 2022, wanted to avoid the modification of urban planning and the debate in plenary . He was in a hurry and put the direct one, even at the risk of violating urban planning legality. The plan was not peccata minuta: one road system was replaced by another of urban gardens. Several entities took him to court, and this has already been pronounced three times in the same way: in the Consell de Cent superilla, like that of Comte Borrell and at the intersection of Consell de Cent with Rocafort, it must be reverse the conversion process into a pedestrian zone and return to previous planning, according to the judgments.

Mayor Collboni trusts the City Council’s legal services to certify that Colau’s procedure complied with the law. At this point it makes no sense to dismantle anything (EPD the Cerdà plan). In addition, many citizens are delighted. But not all of them, it depends on who you ask. And this is what Luis Benvenuty did, asking, for the Sunday newspaper, about the first year of life of the Consell de Cent axis.

After reading the report, it is clear that the neighbor of this street who goes out on the balcony of his revalued apartment and hears the little birds chirping (if there is no svalbard on the terraces) does not think the same as the neighbor of Carrer Mallorca, who endures the smoke And the owner of a premises or a home does not think the same, as the entrepreneur or the private individual whose contract will soon end and their income will be increased. Everything has to be cool, including the prices. By the way, the street is filling up with brunch, like that, in English (EPD the bar of all life).

The clamor of neighbors and businessmen, those who are not just passing through, is unanimous. The environment has not been taken care of this year. Distraction is noticeable. The list of duties: there is a lack of signs near schools and squares, access control bollards and police to catch those who circulate on motorbikes or on two wheels without looking and those who park where they feel like it without respecting the charging schedule and download Collboni says he has a plan. An improvement plan, for a few months from now. It’s taking