Brøndbys two main profiles can be past, when the season is over.

Brøndby is ready to sell Kamil Wilczek is already here in the January window if the right offer pops up.

And the next man out of the revolving door on the Area can be Dominik Kaiser, who has his contract this summer.

the Parties have been in the initial dialogue, but since the negotiations have not yet led to an agreement. And there is nothing to suggest that it will happen right away.

On the way to work the time right now for the 30-year-old German, who can freely negotiate with interested clubs about the future.

Dominik Kaiser has been an important player for Brøndby this season, where he has been a distinctive profile. Maybe stop cooperation for the summer. Photo: Lars Poulsen.

– There is no clarification. And I have no hurry in relation to the Kaiser. Right now, there is a major exercise in relation to get things to hang together in Brøndby, says Carsten V. Jensen and affirms:

– We must have set things in motion, so we stuck together better economically, but we must also make sure to maintain a satisfactory athletic level, he states.

Fodbolddirektør Carsten V. Jensen is in the midst of a difficult exercise, when he must put together the future Brøndbytrup. He should cut the labor costs and at the same time ensure that Brøndby has a crew that can fight with a ranking in the top-3.

A goodbye to both Kamil Wilczek and Dominik Kaiser will be the one parting with two of the troupe’s most significant players, but also with the two most løntunge players.

Wilczek and the Kaiser believed to be in the level of 7.5-8 million. kr. total in wages per year in denmark.

While Brøndby hesitates, stands Dominik Kaiser, good to find a new employer, because he can freely talk to whoever he wants to.

A busy window in Brøndby

The 18-year-old midtbanetalent came to Brøndby last summer from AB. He is a great talent. And now he will be rewarded. He begins to train with in superligatruppen here in the spring. It is a play Brøndby expect much of. He extended in the autumn of 2023.

He is sold to the MLS club in Nashville for an amount in the region of 20 million. kr. after nearly four years in the Area.

He came at the beginning of last year on a lease. He never reached to get superligadebut. By the end of 2019 he went back to Toronto.

Kroaten has played its role in the Area. He has gotten more chances, but not grip them. The challenge is that he gets a really good salary in Brøndby. And therefore he can end up with to get money with. Just so Mcdonalds can get rid of him.

The 20-year-old striker will continue in his career. He got not one single minute in the fall. He has no future in the Area. The level is probably not more than 1. division.

It may be his forårschance, if Brøndby not agree with Johan Larsson on a deal. But he is hanging in a thin thread without much confidence from the Niels Frederiksen.

seeing it again at the oval in the fall was not as good as the first four years, where he was a marked profile. Right now the parties can not agree on the conditions for a new agreement. For Brøndby it is certainly on a claim for loss of pay.

He plays with great safety spring in Brøndby. The contract is expired this summer. If an extension needs to get on the case, will be there talking about pay cuts. He doesn’t get a new agreement with a salary of +300,000. a month.

The icelandic midfielder is out for up to two months further. And it can block for a January switch. He will soon be on, because there must be room for Anthony Skipper. He has his contract in the summer of 2021. It looks like a sale for the summer.

He has just renewed his contract with Brøndby until the summer of 2023. By the summer, he is back in the Area. It can, however, be made already here in January.

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