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Anders Bengtsson has an older BMW 3-series from 1998, which he bought used a few years ago.

Shortly before christmas he got a letter through the Motorstyrelsen from the BMW Denmark, which BMW reported that his BMW can be potentially lethal.

‘It has been shown that gaspatronen in the driver’s side air bag in a production run cars can be leaking with time,’ writes the BMW at the outset of the letter, which Ekstra Bladet has had access to.

‘such A leak could cause the propellant in the gaspatronen dries out. By an accident, where the airbag is triggered, the pressure of the gaspatronen be too high, which can lead to gaspatronen burst. The metal parts, as thrown out, can result in death,’ write BMW.

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Therefore took Anders Hansen after the new year contact for the BMW, who advised him to take over his local BMW repair shop with the car.

It did Anders, and here they could see that his car is affected by the defect, and that the BMW is therefore ‘not recommend to run on in the car before the airbag is changed,’ as it was written in a note from the BMW workshop.

the 38-year-old Anders Hansen from Aalborg is not advised therefore to proceed in his BMW 3-series, because a fault on the airbag can be potentially lethal.

BMW would like to replace the airbag, but there is just one problem.

because of the car’s age, the necessary spare parts are not in stock at the moment. BMW informs that the production is in progress, and they expect that spare parts are available in the third quarter of 2020.

But as long as Anders Haas does not wait.

– It is a little inconvenient, because I can’t be without my car for nine months, ” says Anders Bengtsson to Ekstra Bladet.

It was on Friday, 17. January, that he got to know that BMW will not recommend him to run on in the car.

so far he has not had the opportunity for just that.

– It is we have to. We don’t have so many other options. It is not a viable solution for running the one out the front, then one is the at the mercy of, says Anders Hansen.

– It is my wife and my child who is running in the car on a daily basis. She had not do well with it in the morning, she should have it at work. It has not been more dangerous to drive in than it was last week, but now she is aware that the bug is there, he says.

Anders Bengtsson feel trapped in the situation, and he misses that BMW will come to him and the family more in the meeting.

– I don’t expect to be able to get a replacement vehicle in nine months, but you must be able to make a second solution, so they can use his car, ” says Anders Bengtsson.

he suggests finding a used steering wheel from another car that does not have the error.

BMW says that I must make the investment, and so they will want to put the wheel in for me against payment, ” says Anders Bengtsson.

– They have the makings of a production in time of spare parts, which first comes in the third quarter and for Denmark in the ninth month, but if there’s not very many cars that have the error, then it must be possible to find a used steering wheel, so the problem would be solved, ” says Anders Bengtsson.

If there is clarification before long, he expects he even must go out and find a used steering wheel and get it mounted.

– I would argue that there should be a system, where BMW also pay for the solution – whether it is half damage, or what it now is, but in any case such that it does not become for its own account, ” says Anders Bengtsson to Ekstra Bladet.

At BMW Denmark informs the press officer Mette Lolholm to Ekstra Bladet, that they have informed 607 car owners in Denmark on the replacement of the airbag in the driver’s side.

– We deeply regret to our customers, but ask them please wait for the final call, as they will receive, as soon as the spare parts are in stock, writes Mette Lolholm in a written reply to Ekstra Bladet.

Ekstra Bladet would have liked to have made a telephone interview by Mette Lolholm, but it has not been possible.

– Since the cars are about 20 years old, we do not have the spare parts on the stock, writes Mette Lolholm in the written reply.

Anders Bengtsson and his family have got so far, let the BMW be in the garage or drive further in a potentially lethal car.

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