the 28-year-old Cecilia Schlotfeldt from Nakskov blew the three judges over backwards, when she unsuccessfully auditioned in ‘X Factor’studio in Copenhagen.

Therefore she was also in advance of the Oh Country big favorites, as she took to the stage during Saturday’s ‘Five Chair Challenge’ as a part of the Oh Land category with the soloists of 23.

Here it was, however, far from according to plan for Cecilie Schlotfeldt, who had chosen to sing the hit ‘Dance Monkey’ from the Tones And I.

Her interpretation fell far from in good soil with the judges.

Cecilia wowed the judges during her audition, but during the ‘Five Chair Challenge’ it was far from as good. Photo: TV2

” What are you trying to sell here? It is totally black, it’s here, said a frustrated Thomas Culture, continued:

– It was an insanely bad sangvalg and a completely wrong register. You have gone from sounding like a really nice and intense singer to it here… It is a lot of bad decisions. You have so much need of help, you don’t get it, he said again, while Oh Land gave him the right:

– I loved your audition, and I think also, that you were insanely good for the workshop, but for the first time tonight I heard you sing outright false, said Oh Land, who nevertheless chose to give Cecilia a chance and give her a chair.

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Cecilia, however, was not allowed to sit a long time in the hot seat, before she was switched out for the benefit of the participant, Michael.

She was very nervous during his performance at ‘Five Chair Challenge’. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV2

For Extra Magazine explains Cecilia, that she was strongly affected by nerves during his audition.

– to say the least, so it went not so good. I was a bit nervous. The nerves took over me simply, and that was what happened. I was so nervous, and so it was perhaps not the right sangvalg, ” she says, and continues:

– I think the nerves took over, because it is the first time ever that I have stood on a stage. It was the first time in my life that I held a microphone in his hand that day. So it was a bit violently. Many of the other participants had tried to stand on a stage before, and they have performed for many people. But they were sweet to talk with me, even though we were competitors.

Oh-the Country tells us, what she is looking at a participant. Video: Anthony Unger.

According to Cecilia, her nervousness getting worse and worse in the hours before she was due on stage at the culture yard in Elsinore.

– It started to come, as we were to the rehearsal, where I saw how big the stage was. I tried to be there to get the nerves to take over. But I could not, and it was really really annoying, and I’ve never so much to me ago.

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Cecilia tells that it took very hard on her as it was clear that she went no further in the program.

– I had it bad afterwards, and I was surprised at how bad I really had it. It was much more than that, I just was sad. It was so insane an experience, and it was a bubble, you came in, and when you then came out and had to drive home, then finished it just. I was really upset about it. Especially when I come out afterwards, and the whole bumping. There came some tears, and I cried all the way home, she says.

All three judges gave Cecilia harsh words with the on the road after her performance. Photo: LAsse Lagoni/TV2

– Oh Land have not concealed the fact that you were one of her favorites, and she also provides you with a chair, though she doesn’t seem that you’re doing so well? How did it feel?

– I was surprised that I did not smoke out. She continued to believe in me and hold on to me. When it was called ‘switch’, got my heart up in the throat. When I did it so bad, is it fat, that she thought so much of me. But it made it even more annoying, when I then went no further, for I had held it so long, so I couldn’t just have done it on?, she says and continues:

– I feel like I drawers whole game. The same I do here in Nakskov. I am been greeted by a lot of people rooting for me. After all, they have not known what has happened, but several have said to me that I represent the whole Island, so on the way drawers I the also them.

According to Cecilia, however, there is a special thing, as she riles up a lot of in the aftermath of his performance at ‘Five Chair Challenge’.

– There is no doubt that it went really, really badly, and the judges are also a bit hard at me. At a time say Culture to me, that it is an insanely bad sangvalg, and that gives Oh Land him right in. I also think it is a little practice, for she had approved the song, she says and continues:

– along the Way there were several others who were allowed to sing again or talk to their case. I would also like to have had, but I was not able to. But if it was so disastrous a sangvalg, ought, Oh Land, after all, have said, that I should not select it. She said, however, that it was very good, and I think it would have made a difference if I had been allowed to sing again.

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– Have you regretted that you chose to be with the program?

– I have been in a dilemma with myself about whether I have regrets or not, because I blurted out. But I have come to, no matter how it is gone, so I can use my experience in my life and the lives of people. If I dare to be in the ‘X Factor’ and put me up on so big a stage, so I dare also everything else, and it’s really positive, ” she says, and continues:

– And I really got the courage and enthusiasm in relation to singing, for I have been reassured that I can really find out of it. Now I’m starting to upload videos of myself on YouTube, and I have never done before, so I continue clearly with the music.