the English West Midlands Police made a big catch on Thursday when the late afternoon raided an apartment in the Coventry suburb of Foleshill and arrested six men suspected to be part of a larger narkoring.

in Addition to the 5,000 pound (approximately 44.000 crowns, red). in cash police found also approximately two kilos of cannabis and 40 wrappers with white powder. This was stated by West Midlands Police in a press release, in which footage from a betjents kropskamera also being shown.

the Recordings are also shared on the politikredsens social media, and here it is in a small town the face of the field during the action, which attracts the attention.

‘Anyone has seen the Peaky Blinders before work! Everybody down!’, sounds it, among other things, while others believe that he has spent too much time on the computer game ‘Call of Duty’.

You can see the cop in action in the video above the article.

the Raid was part of a larger action, where the police beat up to five addresses at the same time, and in all made eight arrests.