While AGF on the new one is upstairs, there is the CRISIS in south Jutland.

‘The hviie’ dished up with drømmemål in a true målfest, which ended with a 4-2 win to AGF.

Simultaneously continuing your nightmare with now four defeats in a row.

Thus was the AGF truly told, that the ambitions is to play in the Top 6.

Opposite to Victorian start looking over his shoulder, because you are sinking and sinking further down in the table.

It was Jon Dagur Thorsteinsson, which kicked the party started with the goal to 1-0 after only six minutes, when he from a good 20 metres curlede the ball into the long corner without the chance of Sebastian Mielitz.

Before there was the game a half an hour, Brother Blume helflugtet the home team at 2-0 from the edge of the penalty area.

even before there was the game a minute, was Jutland otherwise warned of what awaited ahead.

AGF’s striker Patrick Mortensen’s attempt was saved on the line by Kees Luijckx.

Later had Casper Højer Nielsen a free-kick, which Sebastian Mielitz saved with the tip of your fingertips.

a Few minutes later it was the turn of Mustapha Bundu, whose free kick took the top of the crossbar.

When Alexander Munksgaard thought he had scored for 3-0, the goal was canceled because of the delicate offside on Patrick Mortensen.

the Latter headede after an hour of play at the crossbar, but in the next AGF attack, finally for Alexander Munksgaard to score a League goal for AGF.

Patrick Mortensen was the man for the hjemmeholdets goal for 4-2, after that Brother Blume had put the ball to the right of his feet.

(Photo: Bo Amstrup, Ritzau/Scanpix)

It was the first Christian Greko Jakobsen and the substituted Artem Dovbyk, as with the reductions to 2-1 and 3-2, which provided a few minutes of excitement in the otherwise one-sided notion. Four goals in nine minutes.

And, of course, was the guest coach Glen Riddersholm have a warning, so the Gold Glen can live up to her new epithet, Yellow Glen.

After a horrible October, where AGF lost to Randers, Silkeborg and FCK, Aarhus crew put a stopper in the downturn.

To the contrast Border, has become more and more traumatized in the course of the last rounds, and landsholdspausen is needed.

in Addition to the defense is pierced after having closed the 14 goals in the four lost battles, things do not become better by the fact that Johan Absalonsen has joined the langtidsskadede Marc Pedersen.

Stortalentet Victor Mpindi Akani was absent, because the midfielder is away with Cameroon’s Under 23 national team to the Africa Cup.

Also, was Patrick Banggaard out with quarantine opposite captain Eggert Jonsson, who Saturday got cancelled a yellow card from the FCK-match.

the Card is triggered otherwise the quarantine, but the Footballing Disciplinærinstans dumped Peter Kjærsgaards warning in connection with a controversial penalty kicks, and indirect, where the state of hawaii is right in that the FCK has a very special status with the judges.

There was, of course, a warning to the Yellow Glen (Photo: Bo Amstrup, Ritzau/Scanpix)

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