Extra Magazine’s predictions

V65-1: 9-3-1-7
V65-2: 7 (6-11)
V65-3: 6-5-7
V65-4: 8-10-11
V65-5: 10-9-5-2-7
V65-6: 2 (11-3)
180 crowns

V4-1: 6-5-7
V4-2: 8-10-11
V4-3: 10-9-5-2-7
V4-4: 2 (11-3)
90 crowns

Note: the Horses in the brackets are reserveheste to ensure the winners on spilforslaget. Take a førstereserve with double the price. Take both of the reserves in a run, then tripled the price.

(7 V65-3/V4-1) varies little in its performance, but on its good days, can beat everyone in this field. It seems, Bent Svendsen has a good take on it, and the two favorites must not blunder much.

(2 in V4-4) has got a good deal here on his former home ground. Startspor two should be perfect, and I think on a race in the lead from start to finish.

Tips: Mogens Jensen

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Beatriz has won Hoppederbyet. Photo: Lasse Jespersen