the Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski believes that there are too few leaders on the pitch with the German competition.

The 31-year-old striker miss that players from midfield and defense dare give commands to the rest of the team. At the moment is too much left to himself and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

– An axis which only consist of Neuer and Lewandowski, is too little.

– On every team in every chain to be a leader. A goalkeeper, a defender, one from midfield and one from the offensive – it will be perfect.

– A single player can’t lead all others. It is for many, and impossible, says Lewandowski to the S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung before Saturday’s showdown against Borussia Dortmund.

On the pitch, Robert Lewandowski led the way with 21 goals in 17 matches in the current season. Here is he celebrating his latest against Olympiakos. Photo: Matthias Balk

The experienced top-scorer, who has scored 14 goals in ten matches in the Bundesliga this season, trying to get the team’s many younger players and foreigners to enter more in the character of the machine on the track.

however, It has not been an easy task in a Bayern team, who a week ago lost 1-5 away to Eintracht Frankfurt. The defeat cost head coach Niko Kovac the job.

– The young players are, quite naturally, a little reluctant, or they have problems with the language. But I know that you only need two-three months to be able to issue commands. It is also what one should expect, says Lewandowski.

the Goal wonder that today’s younger players might have been affected unfortunate, when they have played at various talentakademier.

– If you are used to get orders from the coach, from an early age, so you will lose some of it individual, your own thoughts, ” he says.

Robert Lewandowski guess that the younger players lack the desire to express themselves verbally.

– Maybe they’re a little bit afraid to talk.

– It is a generation that writes many text messages, they communicate much on the internet, but they talk less in the phone. It is a different culture, he says.

Saturday’s showdown against Borussia Dortmund will be played at 18.30 in Munich.

Dortmund occupies Bundesligaens third place with 19 points, while Bayern has a fewer. League peaks of Borussia M├Ânchengladbach with 22 points.

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