The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has dismissed as “massive fraud” the demands that the former president of the Generalitat and MEP of Junts, Carles Puigdemont, has launched to give his support to invest Pedro Sánchez.

The Catalan politician has demanded that the State recognize the “legitimacy” of the independence movement, an amnesty for those accused of the ‘procés’ and guarantees of compliance with the agreements as conditions.

In statements to journalists, after inaugurating a health center in Sevilla la Nueva on Tuesday, the Madrid leader has maintained that Puigdemont’s first demands “do not surprise anyone.” “Here the only one who is not lying is the independence movement, and those of Bildu,” she has maintained, reports Europa Press.

In his opinion, “in no way can Spain swallow this,” with “the demands of these people.” Thus, he has criticized that they want to say that 1-O “has not existed” nor that “the judges” have done it, nor the law nor the State Security Forces and Corps because he believes that it is “going against the truth” and go “against reason”.

“They want all of Spain to look the other way and forget all the damage caused and all this constant outrage. It is a massive scam. This is a massive scam against the rule of law, the law, the judges, the truth and the to all Spaniards. You cannot swallow this,” the head of the regional Executive has sentenced.

And it is that he has criticized that they try to create “a parallel world” outside the law, outside the truth and outside reality “to do whatever they want, so that four are subduing all of Spain.”