A compact SUV with a Ford-brand in the front and the model Ecosport on the back was not just the Danish car buyers went and dreamed about.

It must Ford true, and that’s why they choose now to drop that selling model Ecosport in Denmark, even if the model actually only has been for sale here in under two years.

It writes the FDM.

– Thus writes the Ecosport on the list of cars that flopped well and thoroughly, it sounds in the judgment of the FDM.

the Model was originally developed as a local car for the brazilian market, and came later for sale in Denmark at the beginning of 2018.

the Same year sold the Ford 556 copies of the model at home, which stretched to a 12. space in the class for small SUV models and crossovers.

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This model will no longer be sold in Denmark, since Ford has taken it out of the model range. A replacement is on the way. Photo: Ford

In 2019, the sales dwindled, and Ford has actually already taken the model out of the Danish market, although there are still a few lagereksemplarer for sale.

Replacement is ready
At Ford, they will probably not spend a lot of time to fret over that, Ecosport no longer be sold at home, for the car giant has a replacement on the way.

Ford has revived the Cougar name in a lower crossover, which will be launched in Denmark at the beginning of the new year.

As Extra the Blade previously told will Ford reuse the Cougar name, which previously sat on a small compact sportscoupé, in a higher crossover, where forlygtedesignet seems to be the only apparent commonality between the sportscoupéen and the new Cougar.

Ford promises that there will be talk about a køreglad car, which will be available with a trecylindret petrol engine of up to 155 horsepower, which will be aided by a hybrid system on 48-volt.

The SUV-inspired crossover has also scored the maximum five stars from Euro NCAP. Cougar will cost from 225.270 kr.

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