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Arsenal came back after having been down 0-2 defeat against Standard Liege in the last group match in the Europa League, which ended with a dramatic decision on the advancement between the belgians and Eintracht Frankfurt.

Arsenal were never really in trouble with the avancementet, but when Standard Liege went from 2-0 to 2-2, missed the team anyway advancement as Eintracht Frankfurt at the same time, lost 2-3 to Vitoria de Guimaraes.

If the Standard Liege could beat Arsenal by five goals, which hardly quite a lot of thought either before or during the fight, as had the belgians need help in the group’s other match.

If the drain plug Vitoria de Guimaraes could take points away to Eintracht Frankfurt, so that could be Standard Liege overtake Frankfurt and thus accompany the Arsenal on. The Portuguese solved the task for Standard Liege, which, however, failed.

the Story of a belgian downturn takes care the following:

the Frankfurt-lead at 2-1 at the break, so it is very difficult for the belgians, even if the team a little bit lucky and a bit undeserved, came in front shortly after the break against Arsenal.

Samuel Bastien took a chance on the outside, and through a straightening on a Arsenal-arm cheated the ball to Emiliano Martinez in the Arsenal goal and sailed into.

And the trick to use a Arsenal-arm to outsmart Martinez in the goal was noticed by teammates.

a Good 20 minutes before the time intercepted Selim Amallah a loose English delivery in the field, and with a new Arsenal-hand as a disruptive intermediary was Martinez passed for the second time.

It was just a Portuguese equalizing in Frankfurt, which was now able to bring to Standard Liege in the game for advancement, but when Alexandre Lacazette after the nice Arsenal-opspil headede 1-2-the goal in, it looked to crack the team.

a Few minutes later led good combinations to the Bukayo Saka from the edge of the box, set the compensation check, and Standard Lieges hoping knockoutkampe in the new year shrouded.

But a lifeline was thrown out in Frankfurt. For here we actually did it Vitoria de Guimaraes, not only to equalize to 2-2, but also to ensure a victory of 3-2.

It created the wild cheers and renewed faith in the stadium in Liege. A goal for the home team, and would follow Arsenal into knockoutfasen, but it failed.

Standard Liege can now only fret over that one, threw away a tomålsføring away.

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