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most people had probably assumed that it would one day happen. But suddenly they were here, therefore, refugees and migrants. With plastic bags in their hands and children on the shoulders.

In september of 2015 arrived with the train to Padborg and Rödbyhavn Station, in larger flocks they wandered on, among other things, on the E45 motorway – several of them in the direction of Sweden, while others sought asylum in Denmark – and the other was helped to the main train station, so they could take the train to Malmö.

Many of those fleeing from the civil war’s horrors in Syria and the islamic terrorist organization Islamic State ravages.

Heva Sharif is a tough dog, but the flow of refugees on the Danish motorways gave him a lump in your throat. Photo: Stine Tidsvilde

at the Time lived in the Danish-kurdish super-lightweight Heva Sharif, who is also on the poster for the Danish Fight Night event 1. February, still with his parents and siblings in the residential Kvaglundparken in Esbjerg. Heva, who, with her parents, even for many years back in 1991 was on the run.

On the run from former dictator Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime in Iraq. In 1993 arrived at Heva and the mother, Fatima, to Denmark, while the father, Rebuar, first came to the country in 1996.

the Images that suddenly filled all in the media here in 2015, of the many refugees who arrived in Padborg, affected immediately Heva, who are in cahoots with a few companions quickly decided to drive from the east to the border to do something, to help.

We were five guys, who ran to the Barrels in order to buy a lot of things such as toilet paper, toothbrushes, food and drink, we packed it all down in a small bag and drove on to Padborg Station. Here we delivered back a bag for each family so they had nothing for their journey, telling Heva.

English Fight Night CHAMPIONSHIP boksegalla

As the undefeated super-lightweight must Heva Sharif (3-0) in the ring to Mogens Citizens English Fight Night CHAMPIONSHIP boksegalla 1. February in the Frederiksberg sports Halls against the also unbeaten 20-year-old spaniard David Muñoz (5-0). In addition, among the other Sarah Mahfoud (9-0) in the event hovedkamp up against the argentine Brenda Karen Carabajal (16-4-1) for the IBF’s interim WORLD title in the featherweight, while also the hard-hitting cruiservægter Ditlev Rossing and Robert Morell, Victor Ramon and the 30-year-old debutant, Adel Younes, is on the program.

– Some give up education and much else in order to go pro with it, but I took an education instead, so I have something to fall back on if my dream not come true. It was important for me, says Heva Sharif, who is now with the peace of mind can go all in on the tenth. Photo: Stine Tidsvilde

Their fate was in many ways similar to Hevas own family.

Even were They are just barely a half years old, when his parents chose to flee over the mountains of northern Iraq to Iran and later on to Turkey, and remember not, therefore, very much from back then, but at the Padborg Station so he boys and girls of six, seven and eight years, he says, who most likely had experienced the war’s atrocities in an age where the memories have easier to burn themselves on the retina.

And it touched him deeply, he says, while the other episodes, which unfolded in the south jutland motorway, however, made him furious.

– It breaks me almost complete, that people can find to spit and shout abuse and everything after them – that they should just go home. It is easy enough to say when you come from a comfortable family and comfortable surroundings.

– Think, they were on the run and had fled through the whole of Europe perhaps to be reunited with other family members or just to reach to the comfortable and look? I certainly does not seem that everything was handled properly at the time. In my world, should all people get a chance, say They.


Dreaming about the big titles: – It’s never too late

– There you can just see. It is never too late, smågriner the 28-year-old Danish-kurdish super-lightweight Heva Sharif, according to his trainer, the former double european champion Thomas Damgaard, interrupts the interview with the words: ‘I was also 27 years old, when I got the debut as a professional boxer, and 10 months later I became the european champion.’

For even though They in fact have had a successful career as a amatørbokser in the young years with, among others, few west and one in the Danish championship, so getting there is never really in earnest started in the tenth as the senior – Hevas mureruddannelse, but also they and two diskusprolapser from the work as a bricklayer led to, among other things reluctant breaks.

But 12. January 2019 against serb Mirko Jovic got Heva as the 27-year-old long last, the debut as a professional boxer, he had always dreamed of, and now undefeated after three games with the total set two knockoutsejre chasing Heva a contract with the famous, the ageing boxing promoter Mogens Palle.

Heva Sharif, who is not at all used to NOT having a finger in the game regarding upcoming opponents, was a bit surprised when his 20-year-old Spanish opponent David Muñoz – without Heva had no clue about it – were presented on Facebook. – But he has only two arms and two legs, exactly like myself, so nothing can scare me, assures Heva Sharif, who goes after yet another KO victory. Photo: Stine Tidsvilde
Training camp in London
Until now, the Danish-kurdish fighter outside a promoter even had to both find and pay opponents argue for various fight cards and yes, of course, also make sure that the parts dry beating out of the ring.

He is therefore accustomed to having to kick the door in all places and say ‘Here I come!’, but it has neither been demotivated or been a problem, stresses Heva.

But now, as the 28-year-old, is he gone ‘all in’ on the dream of reaching to the top.

Heva has said his job as a bricklayer in order to be able to focus 100 percent on boxing, and with the help of private sponsors he has, among other things, up to his fight 1. February arranged a udmagrende training camp in West ham Boys Club Boxing Academy in London and sparret with light-heavyweight Malik Zinad, super-mellemvægter Önder Özgul and lightweight Mitchell Smith, which has a few WBO titles on the cv.

– You can get what you want. It’s just about to big for it. I dream of becoming a world champion, and so it may well be, it is something they all say, but I mean damn really! says Heva, who calls his upcoming match for the WORLD cup-boksegallaet in Frederiksberg Hallerne for a kind of exam with Mogens Palle as censoren, just to see him an.

Thomas Damgaard, who has previously trained Pallet-boxer Daniel Heinze and Tobias Sørig, see also a great potential in its new lærlig:

– They are eager to learn, he is listening to me and sucks up to him. He will be here 100 percent and go all in, it’s really cool, ” says Thomas Damgaard.

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Damgaard on Sharif

– He has a big punch, like I had, but he moves very differently, he is far more technical than I was, he is skilled. He is tall, has long arms and weighs not very much. He will almost always be larger than its opponent, it can be a big advantage – and he is good to the straight punch.

– Heva boxer for a contract, so I wonder if that is why he is meeting one (Spanish David Muñoz, ed.) with crumbs in, say boksetræner Thomas Damgaard, however, reckon with a totally clear victory for Heva.

See the English Fight Night 1. February with Sarah Mahfouds VM-bang and seven other profkampe. Buy access right here

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