It was a storsmilende Amalie Szigethy, who Saturday evening took to the red carpet in the TV Price by 2020.

Here, she appeared in a very transparent case, which is certainly not leaving much to the imagination.

– When you have been single, so you can afford a little more, but I am just thinking, why not?, she said with a laugh and continued:

About ten years I’ll probably think back and think it was too bad that I did not show it up, when I could, so I am thinking that I am young and alenemor, so I will show it off. So it is just wonderful, she said with a big grin.

Such as Amalie on the red carpet. Photo: Linda Johansen

It is not long ago that forsidefruen revealed that she had been single, after she, in a longer period of time have seen the a guy which, however, has been secret to the public.

– I’m fine after the breakup. It was the best, and I am on and I am ready on a new life. I continue as a mother and as the woman I am now. And it’s great, she said further.

Amalie along with his mother, Lotte, on the red carpet. Photo: Linda Johansen