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He appears in the cast with the unflattering title as the ‘cokedealer 2’ in Fenar Ahmads hard-boiled actiondrama ‘Underworld’ from 2017.

A Danish feature film which arguably can be compared with the classic ‘Pusher’ in its depiction of the criminal, the copenhagen environment. With the Danish actor Dar Salim in the lead role as the masked, retfærdighedssøgende avenger, which moves down in the capital’s criminal underworld.

It was actually a little bit of a coincidence that the then 25-year-old Heva Sharif ended up in the role as cokedealer on the white canvas, he tells, and yet not …

For as amatørbokser to the Danish championships for a couple of years ago, he was dotted on the shoulder of a woman, who introduced herself as a caster just for the director Fenar Ahmad, which at the time was in the throes of putting together and hand-pick the right actors and extras for his new, big biografsatsning.

English Fight Night CHAMPIONSHIP boksegalla

As the undefeated super-lightweight must Heva Sharif (3-0) in the ring to Mogens Citizens English Fight Night CHAMPIONSHIP boksegalla 1. February in the Frederiksberg sports Halls against the also unbeaten 20-year-old spaniard David Muñoz (5-0). In addition, among the other Sarah Mahfoud (9-0) in the event hovedkamp up against the argentine Brenda Karen Carabajal (16-4-1) for the IBF’s interim WORLD title in the featherweight, while also the hard-hitting cruiservægter Ditlev Rossing and Robert Morell, Victor Ramon and the 30-year-old debutant, Adel Younes, is on the program.

‘Is it not you from the C. I. C (C. I. K Boxing, ed.),’ asked the woman, and not long after was Heva for a short conversation with Fenar Ahmad, who, without much reflection, exclaimed: ‘It must be you, Heva.’

With his immigrant background and upbringing in Kvaglundparken in Esbjerg, who for years featured on the government’s ghettoliste, a stone’s throw from the Stengårdsvej district, which today, after several years on the very same list shall be regarded as a so-called ‘hard ghetto’, appear it undeniably as pure typecasting.

But They can, however, easily recognize the theme of a film and the environment, the right brutally trying to portray. The today professional boxer has, in fact, even in his youth in Esbjerg balanced on the slope at the margin, he says.

– It is certainly not something I’m proud of today, but yes, I am familiar with the environment. I myself have been there and grown up in a criminal environment with everything from drugs, fights and extortion. Yes, everything, sounds it with frankness and honesty from Heva.

– Have you even touched drugs?

– Yes, recognizing the super-letvægteren, today on the point has laid his or her life totally, completely and utterly on.

It was on good and evil, to ungdomslivet in Kvaglundparken and Stengårdsvej developed, but They by the day, growing up in the esbjergensiske ghetto will always be a reminder of which direction he will go in life.

– you Can relate to the movie, you even played in?

– When I moved from Esbjerg, it was rather in the second, where it all just escalated. Bandekonflikterne over there is and was between the friends I grew up with, played playstation with at the time, but suddenly they began to poke each other down instead. Neighborhood against neighborhood, were all the other prisoners.

– One day I was sitting on a moped in my very different world with a joint in hand and thought: ‘It is here? It is not a life. It is not what I want. I would like to have a future and a dream that can come true – and it must be as a professional boxer. I will win a big title one day.’.

– I went home to my parents and announced that I would like to move to Copenhagen. ‘What the hell do you want?’ exclaimed my parents were totally surprised. My younger brother, Dida, were already living over there, and I ended up getting a job as skalmurer, tells Heva, who went to Copenhagen in 2014.

– I was just a little baryl at the time, we were a small grouping in the school that liked to fight. René could see, we all had gunpowder in the ass, and said: ‘Boys, now do I buy a pair of gloves, and then we can make some competitions down here in the leisure club, when I have free from school?’ Instead of knocking the other, knocking now at each other, and here I think he saw a potential in me as a boxer, tells Heva Sharif. Photo: Stine Tidsvilde
– It is destroying his life
Although he believes that it was boksehandskerne and sandsækken, he as a young, unmanageable teen with gunpowder in the ass could let off steam on, got him on the right track in life.

It was an educator by the name of René, with the words ‘instead of you running around down at the school and banks people in the breaks, so I think, you should start to boxing,’ which, were They to realize that it was better to let off steam on a sand bag in the local bokseklub, than it was to hang out on a street corner.

– If you run around on the street and beats on people? So I will run around and destroy other people’s lives – and you also destroy your own. You can get voldsdomme, get in jail and be left without an education and the future, says Heva, but stresses that it is at the same time, is about much more than just a membership in a bokseklub, if you really want to change lives.

– People often say that boxing can help you out of, for example, gang neighborhoods of north west, but it can not only be boxing, it is also about one’s entourage.

– Then in Esbjerg I had finally got myself an education, and I had at the same time, also my boxing, but anyway I had a hard time to get away from my social circle and break out of the criminal environment, even if my father persistently tried to pull me in other directions.

– But I ended up back in the same environment again and again, until I finally said stop, it may not be my life, remember They, therefore, took the consequence and moved up stakes and moved to the capital.

– I would never allow myself to end up in jail, without work and without prospects for the future. It is destroying itself in such environments, and if you are not doing the part though, so is there any other that destroys you, says the Heva Sharif.

Heva Sharif

28 years old

Brøndby, raised in Esbjerg, f. in Baghdad, Iraq, 1991


Thomas Damgaard, ex. double european champion


Have lots of titles like ungdomsbokser: Royal Danish championships and a Danish championship.

Breaks and damages seniorbokser has resulted in Heva not yet have really taken off.

12. January 2019 against serb Mirko Jovic in Gilleleje, at the age of 27.

3-0, 2 KO’s

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See the English Fight Night 1. February with Sarah Mahfouds VM-bang and seven other profkampe. Buy access right here

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