the American Louis C. K., who is one of AMERICA’s most successful comedians, is coming to Denmark.

It happens 23. may, where Louis C. K. occupies the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, writes the arranger All Things Live in Denmark in a press release.

Louis C. K. has otherwise been more or less out of the limelight since 2017, when he admitted to have subjected five women of sexual harassment in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

In spite of this is considered the Louis C. K. remains as one of the biggest names in standup. He has toured with a host of shows. The latest was the ‘Louis C. K. 2017’.

Louis C. K. got his big international breakthrough with the editor the tv series ‘Louie’, which he wrote, directed, edited and starred in.

over the years He has received several awards, including several Emmy awards for ‘Louie’.

Intl. known – 2. jan. 2019 – at. 06:01 Comedian in the shitstorm after the secret recording

In 2017 it went however down hill for Louis C. K., as more women accused the comedian of sexual harassment.

the Allegations came from two female comedians, as told to the american newspaper the New York Times, that they had been subjected to sexual harassment back in 2002.

According to the women was Louis C. K. “started to masturbate”, as they found themselves in his hotel room during a festival for comedians.

another woman told me that he masturbated during a phone conversation in 2003. Louis C. K. ended up with to recognize the harassment, which came from a total of five women.

‘These stories are true. At that time I said to myself, that what I did was okay, because I never showed my penis to a woman, without I first asked, which is also true. But I learned later in life, too late, that it is not a question for them, if they want to see my penis, when one has the kind of power over the person. It is a huge dilemma for them,’ he said in a statement.

‘The power I had over the women was that they looked up to me. And the power I used is irresponsible. I have repented of my actions. And I have tried to learn from them. And run from them. Now, I know the effect my actions have had.’

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He also said that the women could not share their experiences because of his strong position in the comedy environment.

‘There is not any of that, I forgive myself for. And I unite with the I am. But it is nothing when you compare it to the task, I have left them with. I wish that I had used their admiration for me to be a good example of how a man should be, and that I had guided them as comedians. I also admired their work,’ it said in the statement.

In barely a year after the kept the low profile, until he unannounced showed up at New York’s popular standupklub Comedy Cellar, where he conducted a 15 minutes long show.

Since Louis C. K. made some minor shows in New York city.

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the Comedian began already in the tour with his new show in november 2019 in the UNITED states. He will, in the course of the year to visit both Mexico and Canada – and now also Denmark.

the Last time Louis C. K. visited Denmark, in 2016. Here was the show sold out in minutes.

Ticket sales for the show in may of this year starts on Thursday the 16. January at 12 o’clock.