Several ‘small’ episodes were in the fall of the two forsidefruer to drop the friendship.

It confirmed both Janni and Amalie to Ekstra Bladet ,without wanting to go specifically into what had cost the friendship.

As viewers got more insight in the pressed atmosphere in the latest season of ‘Forsidefruer’. A season, Janni was furious over the silence of the. It got her to sign off that she was finished as a ‘forsidefrue’.

– I’m tired of the way the Blu (the production company, red.) choose to cut the programs on the. They get Amalie to emerge as a mobbeoffer, and that she in no way told Janni Ree at the time. She has since however changed its mind and reported themselves ready for a new season.

at that Time it was unknown whether the two flamboyant women could be friends again.

Time heals, as I said, all wounds, as the saying goes.

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Amalie and Janni together with forsidefruen Gunnvør on the red carpet before the uvenskabet. Photo: Mogens Flindt

For the TV-Price-goers met Ekstra Bladet Amalie Szigethy on the red carpet. Here she could reveal the news about uvenskabet between the women.

It goes perfectly fine. We are not adversaries any more. I’ve just been over to say ‘Hi’ to her and give her a hug, told a raucous Amalie.

Janni was not to find to interview on Saturday, but confirms Monday Amalie’s interpretation.

– We have good mood again. In fact, we had had a meeting the day before, where we agreed to look forward, and so we met for a TV Price. We have agreed that we ‘turn a line’ in the sand, says Janni Ree to Ekstra Bladet.

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Amalie had taken a fresh kjolevalg to the TV-the price, for which she and her mother were nominated for their program ‘Der er et yndigt land’. Video: Tariq Mikkel Khan

As can be seen in the many broadcasts of the ‘Forsidefruer’, there has always been a good atmosphere between the two women. Among other things, was Janni with Amalie in the clinic, as she should be inseminated.

– Our friendship is enough, like a relationship, where it goes up and down, tells the Janni of the reason for the – the now former – victims.

– It was several little things that had piled up.

You would almost think that they had tuned explanations before. For on the red carpet, to TV the Price had Amalie roughly the same to say on the matter.

– It’s something ‘girly’-fnidder so. I think it is not true that one can find ‘the neck and the tail’ in it, I was just about to say.

– So it was a feather that became five hens?

– Yes, was the short answer from Amalie, who had to go home empty handed dad the awards.

Amalie turned letpåklædt up to the TV Price. Photo: Linda Johansen