Margaret Lindhardt is precisely the age of 70 years, and although the radioveteranen officially has been retired since 2017, so can she still not completely stay away from work.

she says, en Ekstra Bladet meets her on the red carpet prior to the københavnerpremieren on the musical ‘as long As my heart beats’.

– Now I’m retired, but I teach still in the DR in the use of the voice and communication. I have done this for many years, and I still do. I also keep lectures around the whole country, and I have two children and grandchildren who also need to be cared for, she says.

And then the ror I, and are doing everything possible. But it is something I started after I stopped work fast.

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It is especially her 36 years in the radio, that people will hear about when she gets commissioned to lecture. And at the present time she has no plans to withdraw completely back.

– I know, because I can’t stop it, because I think it is fun and because people ask me if I want to. It I, as long as I want, and as long as people bother to listen to me, says the former ‘Giro 413’host.