Norwegian Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, who has been missing since 2018, is now formally declared dead.

It writes the Norwegian media NRK.

the 68-year-old Anne-Elisabeth Hagen is married to the Norwegian billionaire Tom Hagen.

the Police in Norway do not know with certainty that she is dead.

the Reason that she nevertheless is declared dead, is that she appears in the annual statistics of unsolved killings in Norway, writes NRK.

– We have not established that Anne-Elisabeth Hagen has been killed, but we have worked with a hovedhypotese about the killing since before the summer of 2019.

– As the matter now stands we believe, therefore, that it is natural that she becomes a part of the statistics of unsolved killings, says inspector at East-politidistrikt Tommy Brøske to NRK.

The national statistics, which contains the statement of the unsolved murders, dating back to 1991. There are a total of 34 unsolved killings on the list, and the case with Anne-Elisabeth Hagen is the latest example.

The 68-year-old woman disappeared in 2018 from his home in Lørenskog, east of Oslo. Her last heartbeats had a telephone conversation.

In October, it was a year ago, the Chin disappeared. This means that the Norwegian police have been looking for her for 14 months with no luck.

– We do not know exact time yet (for the Hagens death, red.). It is therefore natural to put the day to the day she was reported missing, says Tommy Brøske to NRK.