German police have found ammunition from the Second world War and several bottles of gas in an apartment in Blankenburg in central Germany, where on Friday morning found an explosion place.

It notifies the police to the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR).

A 78-year-old man who is found dead, was apparently tenant of the apartment.

at the same time downgrades the police the number of injuries from 25 to 15, write the MDR.

Several of the injured are seriously injured, police told AFP.

It is not yet completely clear what caused the explosion, which happened at 08.55 on Friday.

But Friday morning informed the police according to the MDR, that “according to preliminary information, the explosion triggered by lpg”.

emergency personnel were on Friday morning to evacuate the people who were still in the hit the building, writes the police in Magdeburg on Twitter.

the Police have shared a photo that shows sortsværtede window frames in an apartment on the first floor. The glass in the windows are blown out, the smoke drifts out from the site, and the wall are also blackened by soot. On the grass in front of the apartment block is rubble.

Head of the region’s fire brigade Kai-Uwe Lohse enlightens to the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, to about 160 rescuers are deployed.

rescue helicopters have transported the most severely injured from the accident site to the hospital, he adds.

Blankenburg is located in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt not far from the holiday destination the Harz mountains. The city has about 20,000 inhabitants.

it hit The building is located in the outskirts of Blankenburg – not far from a school and a kindergarten. About 100 children are now brought to the other institutions, informs the nursery to the Focus.

There is no immediate information on whether the pupils are also evacuated.

Authorities in Blankenburg has convened a press conference at 13.