What is the source of a long life, you have perhaps wondered? Andrew E. Slavonic from the UNITED states believes he has the answer.

The now 102-year-old war veteran is rooted in a Coors Light beer every day at four-time, and it is according to Andrew such, he is rounded århundret.

It writes Fox News.

the Habit started 16 years ago, and before it poured regular Coors beer down.

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This is the beers, Andrew has poured down every day for the past 16 years. Photo: Ed Andrieski/Ritzau Scanpix

Slavonic was a soldier in the Second world War, where he was shot from the aircraft B24 Liberator and the B17 Flying Fortress, just as he trained new pilots. Although the veteran has experienced its through the over 100 years, so you can’t notice it, tells his son Bob.

– When people ask for my father, and I say, he is over 102, so don’t think on it. They think further, he is in 70s, says Bob.

– There are not many veterans back, especially not in Pittsburgh, and especially not someone who drinks a bajer every day at four o’clock, he adds.

the Son, also tells how the father has been a hit on the internet after drikkevanen came forward in public.

But also it takes 102-year-old Andrew in stride.

– It has been quite a year for father. He has never really gotten as much attention before. I really think he enjoys it, says the son.

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