the Good advice for a lifestyle with less plastic

It is not about to throw the plastic out, which you already have in the home. Some types of plastic are very durable, and therefore it makes no sense to replace with a new product of the fx tree to replace it.

the Problems with plastic is due instead to an increasing (over)consumption; one-half of all plastic ever produced, have seen the light of day since the turn of the millennium. If you want to reduce plastic in the home, it is a good idea to look forward and to consume less.

Good is it something to sort the plastic packaging, when part of it ends up being burned? Yes, it does. Especially the good plastiktyper as PE, PET and PP plastic can be to the new plastics products. And even though some plastic ends to be burned, because it is poor quality, so it is better to sort than not to sort. It emits 1½ kilos of CO2 less, when you make a kilo of plastic of plastic instead of new petroleum.

Although a part of plastic packaging can be recycled, costs are still resources to turn it into new products. Buy better products that last a long time and can be used many times – even if they are made of plastic. A margretheskål can be used in 15-20 years – or longer.

By buying products made of recycled plastic, you send a signal to producers that it is a good idea, and that they must develop more products made of recycled plastic. Recycled plastic is used in a wide range of products ranging from vaskemiddeldunke and coats to designer chairs and akustikplader.

the Problem with plastic is when it gets into the wild, where perhaps it may be up to several hundred years, before it is broken down. Throw always plastic in a garbage bin and pick it up, if you encounter it in the wild.

Your home is filled with plastic


Good advice for a life with less plastic

Bring a tote bag for purchasing in lieu of new plastic bags, fill a water bottle instead of buying bottled water, and take your thermo cup with, when you must have coffee to go.

Fill the washing machine up, use liquid soap instead of a detergent, and wash at lower temperature. It wears less on the clothes, and fewer plastic fibers from acrylic, nylon and polyester are flushed out with the wastewater.

Select a great shampoo or hand soap, so you only have to buy half as many. They can also make up.

Cut down on freezer bags and cling film – and instead, use bowls, glasses or old skyrbøtter, as you can wash and use again and again. Look for the ”glass and fork symbol”. There are also alternatives to cling film, fx madpapir of beeswax.

the EU adopted last year a directive that prohibits engangsbestik and plates, plastiksugerør and a variety of other products. Buy plates of cardboard to the wood you will have – or cheap plastiktallerkener from Ikea, which you can take home from the wood you will have, wash and use again and again.

Family after three years with less plastic: ‘We have not gone over to live in a jam jars’

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