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The case of the latest racist insults in Spanish soccer, as was to be expected, is gaining ground, here and abroad, in soccer and far from the world of soccer. played. And more in the midst of a tight electoral campaign.

The League accumulates ten complaints this season for racist insults to Vinícius. The prosecution opens proceedings. And it is that, in the scourge of racism, he is a “habitual victim” and, up to now, everything has been filed with “absurd arguments”, he explains.

No racism without condemnation, it is insisted in turn in view of current legislation not always applied. And even more if it is remembered that it is not the first case on the field (Williams, from Athletic, is the first opened by criminal proceedings). And less outside.

Therefore, Europe is surprised by its practical inability to find a solution to a problem that is repeated in country after country. With one difference: the sanctions in the Old Continent are tougher than in Spain.

It’s for couples. The CIS draws a tight 28-M and everything indicates that alliances will be key. The PP is already courting Vox; Sánchez campaigns for the coalition. (PD of height: Sánchez will extend the law of parity to the constitutional bodies).

Against pedophilia or against privacy? The EU is considering a law that discourages the use of encrypted communication that prevents police access to pedophilic chats. And this would include WhatsApp and others. The end deserves it. The route is criticized for being invasive and unfeasible.

The numbers say, according to the latest analyses, that Spain is becoming poorer compared to Europe; In addition, there are more potholes for everyone in the medium term, such as the possible ban on a toxic component of the essential chips. Health obliges. The alternative is far.

Another milestone. The woman who received the first uterine implant in Spain manages to become a mother after overcoming the operation, the covid, an abortion and several fertilization attempts. Once again science is in luck – and hopefully it will be repeated many more times.

Edouard Louis, writer. “Like so many gay kids, he wanted to run away, and you never break up with that.” read it here

Goodbye Eden! The voice is raised by the alarming decrease of wild fauna in Africa, a sigh that has a lot to do, in turn, with the climate crisis, which has multiplied, and aggravated, the conflicts between humans and animals in the wild.

Mental health. After the covid, this is worrying and for this reason psychotherapist therapies that come from afar resonate but here they are rather unknown, such as Open Dialogue and conversation as the center of intervention. Originating in Finland, that’s right.

The Vikings carry a lot of prejudices that they drink from movies and television, which is why many are surprised to learn that they divorced, and that very few fought as warriors, or that they were poets. “It was Wagner’s fault,” is often quoted.

David Runciman, Viscount and political scientist, heads the Cambridge Center for Geopolitics. “In China, engineers are in charge; in the West, the financiers”. read it here