It’s happening again. No, not “Twin Peaks.” (Alas, we have to wait until May for that.)

“Hidden Fences,” the unfortunate flub uttered by both Jenna Bush Hager on the red carpet of the Golden Globes and Michael Keaton during the awards show itself, has been revived on the Oscars red carpet, and, in short order, on social media. 

Jess Cagle, editor-in-chief of People magazine (see clip below), trotted out the conflation of Oscar-nominated movies “Fences” and “Hidden Figures” once again, this time during an Oscars pre-show on ABC. 

Twitter was quick to respond en masse with memes and criticism for his repetition of the now-famous error that confuses the two best-picture nominees. 

I knew we’d get our #HiddenFences before the night was over. #Oscars

— Travon Free (@Travon) February 27, 2017   Here’s a bit of the trending “Hidden Fences” chatter from Oscar-night Twitter.   [<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “Oscars 2017: The return of the #HiddenFences flub” on Storify</a>]<h1>Oscars 2017: The return of the #HiddenFences flub</h1><h2>Jess Cagle, People magazine editor-in-chief, enters the flub fray by committing the now-familiar error</h2><p>Storified by <a HACKED_LINKs://”></a>· Mon, Feb 27 2017 01:08:32 </p><div>#HiddenFences ? Cunningham</div><div>Repeat after me: HIDDEN [?] [?] FENCES [?] [?] IS [?] [?] NOT [?] [?] A [?] [?] THING [?] [?] #Oscars  #HiddenFences Rader</div><div>#HiddenFences ????? For the last time it’s #HiddenFigures!!!!!!</div><div>#HiddenFences all over again? Really though?! *SMH* #Oscars Jay</div><div>#HiddenFences has returned thanks to People’s editor…</div><div>#HiddenFences, again? Really? Did we learn nothing from the Golden Globes? Get it together, get the names right, show some respect. #Oscars General My General</div><div>Hidden Fences #ChangeAWordRuinAMovie #HiddenFences #HiddenFigures</div><div>#HiddenFences again? Stroganovsky</div><div>#HiddenFences– Fantastic performance from Frederick Douglass. Great actor who is getting noticed more and more I noticed. #Oscars Wong [?]</div><div>#HiddenFences #Oscars[?] </div><div>I love Viola P. Spencer [?] [?] She was wonderful in #HiddenFences [?] [?] [?] </div><div>Jess Cagle is the kat who said #hiddenfences GREENE</div><div>I didn’t think we’d get to do this again #Oscars #HiddenFences Marie</div><div>Aaaaaaaand there it is @MrJessCagle @people #HiddenFences #Oscars Michelle</div><div>*aggravated sigh* This bs again… #HiddenFences N. Brown [?] </div><div>Rooting hard for #HiddenFences tonight. #Oscars #Oscars2017</div><div>it’s the big oscars day and white people still can’t figure out #HiddenFences isn’t actually a real film!</div><div>We’ve been through two Award Shows this season and you still saying #HiddenFences on "accident".. [?] [?] [?]</div> Amy Kuperinsky may be reached at Follow her on Twitter @AmyKup or on Facebook.    

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