Zachary Wentz, a TNA star, took to Twitter to address the recent attack on his former tag team partner, Wes Lee, at NXT Battleground. Wentz hinted at the possibility of helping his old friend by posting, “We’re only one call away.” This tweet sparked speculation among fans about a potential reunion between the two wrestlers.

Wentz and Lee have a history of teaming up as The Rascalz in IMPACT/TNA before making their way to WWE together. As MSK, they achieved great success by holding the NXT Tag Team Championship twice. However, WWE released Wentz in April 2022, leading him to return to IMPACT/TNA in June 2023.

In TNA, Wentz reunited with Trey Miguel, another member of The Rascalz stable. Myron Reed, the fourth member of The Rascalz, has also joined his former teammates in TNA, solidifying their bond outside of WWE. The collaboration between WWE and TNA has been a topic of interest, with Fightful Select providing more details on the partnership.

The attack on Wes Lee by Gallus at NXT Battleground has brought attention to the strong connection between former partners in the wrestling world. Fans are eager to see if Zachary Wentz will indeed come to the aid of Wes Lee in his time of need. The camaraderie and loyalty displayed by these wrestlers both in and out of the ring highlight the deep relationships formed within the wrestling community.

For those looking to catch up on all the action from WWE NXT Battleground, there is a full review available on the post-show podcast on the official YouTube channel. Stay tuned for any developments regarding Zachary Wentz’s response to the attack on Wes Lee and the potential reunion of The Rascalz in TNA.