From the depths of the Catalan wine region, Cellers Domenys presents its Tres Naus Cava Brut Rosat 2021, a sparkling wine that encapsulates the essence of the Trepat grape in a bottle. This cava, aged between 12 and 18 months, has been recognized with multiple awards, consolidating its reputation as a benchmark in its category.

The 2021 vintage, rated excellent, reflects a year of optimal climatic conditions and expert management in the vineyard and during the winemaking process. This cava, with an alcohol content of 11.5%, is a single-varietal Trepat, a native variety that is distinguished by its adaptability and expression in rosé cavas.

The Tres Naus Cava Brut Rosat 2021 presents itself in a bright pale pink and salmon tones, promising a visual experience as attractive as its taste. On the nose, this cava displays a floral bouquet that is intertwined with notes of wild and white fruits, complemented by fine aging notes that add complexity and depth.

In the mouth, it is characterized by being sparkling and aromatic, with a perfect integration of carbonation that contributes to its freshness and lightness. The acidity is refreshing and the body is light, making this cava an exceptionally balanced and pleasant drink.

The Tres Naus Cava Brut Rosat 2021 has not only captured the palates of those who try it, but also the recognition of the industry. It has been awarded the Gold Medal at the Premi Vinari 2023 in the category of young sparkling wines and at the Barcelona Rosé International Bubbles Awards 2024. In addition, it has received the award for the best quality-price cava from The La Vanguardia Wine Guide , with an impressive score of 92 points.

This cava is ideal to accompany a variety of dishes, from paellas and rice dishes, such as black rice and various risottos, to fish carpaccio and Asian cuisine dishes. It is recommended to serve it at a temperature of 6-8ºC to maximize its aromatic and gustatory expression.

Cellers Domenys is one of the most important and oldest cooperatives in southeastern Catalonia. As a result of effort and the cooperative spirit, it emerged in 1917 in Sant Jaume dels Domenys and one hundred years later, with the merger with other cooperatives, it has become a benchmark in the wine world.

The winery uses sustainable practices and cutting-edge winemaking techniques to produce cavas that not only respect the environment, but also reflect the unique character of the region and its native varieties.

The Tres Naus Cava Brut Rosat 2021 from Cellers Domenys is a testament to excellence in cava production. With every sip, this cava not only offers a refreshing and delicious experience, but also invites wine lovers to discover the richness of Catalan winemaking. This cava is not just a drink; is a celebration of the tradition, innovation and passion for wine that defines Cellers Domenys.

This wine is part of a new wine pack prepared by Gourmet La Vanguardia and which includes six proposals from La Vanguardia’s 2024 Wine Guide. You can find it at this link.