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The puppy was found by a group of neighbors who were passing by the canal. Those present could not believe how he could have gotten there, but they decided to act quickly to save his life.

“This beautiful and intelligent puppy gets caught in a water channel, and people hang him on a rope and take him out,” says the account that published the video, making it clear that those who think of others and act with kindness mark the day. difference in this world.

The rescuers used a rope to save the dog, which fell into the water several times after slipping. Luckily, after several attempts he was able to climb the slope thanks to the rope reaching the top.

The video, which already has countless views, has sparked a wave of applause and tenderness among Internet users. “OMG! Good job! I’m so glad I saw the dog and saved him! ☺️❤️” says one user, while another says: “he almost gave up, I’m glad he didn’t.”