When an animal has to go to the vet to have blood drawn, they are afraid of the needles. In that sense they are quite similar to many human beings, in that punctures are not something they like too much.

Many times, in order to perform somewhat complicated interventions in large animals, anesthesia or a sleeping pill is usually used. However, to take a simple blood sample that is not necessary.

So that a dog would not be afraid and would not think about what was poking him, some veterinarians decided to dance in front of the animal, as shown by the Twitter account @_B___S

In the video you can see all the staff doing their best to make the dog look at them, and they start dancing in a funny way. Even the nurse who is drawing his blood can’t help but join in and then burst into laughter at the situation.

The reactions to the tweet are hilarious to see the situation. Many highlight the dancing ability of the professional who has the stethoscope around his neck, whose movements are more exaggerated so that the dog notices him.