Every week social networks, mainly TikTok, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter), bring us the most emotional scenes. The protagonist of the latest video that has gone viral is a swan who has reunited with his best friend.

This is Mango, a swan who was hospitalized at the Toronto Wildlife Center after suffering a cut to his beak. Once recovered, Mango the swan was able to reunite with his great friend Charlotte, starring in a most tender scene.

As can be seen in the images provided by Shona Farrelly, the swan is surprised when he sees his great friend, running at full speed towards him.

Once together, the swans begin to spread and flap their wings with emotion, making it clear that affection and love transcends human beings. A most emotional scene.

As expected, the video has thousands of views and all kinds of comments: “They are speaking in Swan ????️” or “He is telling you how it went at the center????✨❤️” are some of the most popular reactions.