A year ago, several former Liverpool players joined the Saudi Pro League, funded by the country’s Public Investment Fund. Players like Fabinho, Jordan Henderson, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane, and Gini Wijnaldum made the move to various Saudi clubs. However, the project might not have been as successful as hoped, with some players struggling to adapt.

One player who has not performed as expected is Roberto Firmino. After reports that Al Ahli might be looking to sell him, it has been confirmed that the club’s manager, Matthias Jaissle, has requested to part ways with the Brazilian striker this summer. This decision comes after Firmino’s underwhelming performances and lack of impact in the Saudi Pro League.

Fans might wonder where Firmino will go next. After choosing to chase the lucrative wages in Saudi Arabia last year, the 32-year-old may not have many options in top European clubs. Despite rumors of interest from Real Madrid in the past, Firmino’s recent form might deter any potential suitors. Returning to Brazil could be a possibility, with former teammate Philippe Coutinho set to rejoin Vasco da Gama. A reunion in their home country could be a fitting end to Firmino’s career.

As for other former Liverpool players in the Saudi Pro League, the experience has been mixed. While some like Mane and Wijnaldum have adapted well, others like Henderson and Fabinho have faced challenges. This raises questions about the allure of joining the Saudi project and the long-term implications for players’ careers.

With Alisson Becker still linked to a potential move to Saudi Arabia, he might reconsider after seeing how his former teammates have fared. The cautionary tales of Henderson and Firmino struggling to make an impact could influence his decision. It remains to be seen if more players will follow suit and join the Saudi Pro League or if the initial hype around the project will diminish.

In conclusion, the Saudi Pro League’s attempt to attract top talent from European clubs has had its ups and downs. While some players have thrived, others have struggled to replicate their success. The case of Roberto Firmino serves as a reminder of the risks involved in chasing financial gains over sporting ambitions. As the transfer market continues to evolve, players and clubs must weigh their options carefully to ensure a successful transition.