In the world of gastronomy, innovation is an ingredient that can never be missing. The Caviaroli company, known for its pioneering in the spherification and encapsulation of olive oil, has taken a step forward in this field with its latest creation: Pinturas by Caviaroli.

The Pinturas by Caviaroli range is an exquisite line of dressings based on oils of vegetable origin, which offers a wide variety of flavors and colors to delight the most demanding palates. This product, presented at the prestigious Alimentaria events in Barcelona and the Salón Gourmets in Madrid, promises to be a revolution in high-end cuisine.

The family business, created in 2011 by the Ramon family, has grown exponentially, being present in more than 20 countries and in many of the best restaurants in the world. With a focus on constant evolution and an R&D Department to which they allocate 20% of their annual profits, Caviaroli seeks to surprise both professional chefs and home consumers.

The development of Pinturas by Caviaroli has not been an isolated process. The collaboration with the distinguished chefs of Barcelona’s acclaimed Enjoy Restaurant, Eduard Xatruch, Oriol Castro and Mateu Casañas, has been essential to create a unique and sophisticated gastronomic proposal.

This synergy between Caviaroli’s innovation and the experience of renowned chefs ensures that Pinturas by Caviaroli are of the highest quality and creativity.

Paints by Caviaroli are not just a seasoning, but a culinary tool that allows chefs to apply them with the precision of a brush, providing exceptional coverage and a visually striking presentation.

In addition, these “paints” can also be used as ingredients in marinades, mayonnaises, sauces, for cooking or sautéing, among other creative uses in high-end cooking.

The range consists of six carefully selected varieties, each with a recipe suggestion that enhances its flavor and aesthetics:

Paints by Caviaroli are presented in elegant 250 ml glass bottles, which not only preserve the integrity of the product, but also add a touch of elegance to any professional kitchen.

With a shelf life of 12 months and a recommended consumption of one month once opened, these paints maintain their freshness and quality, guaranteeing an exceptional culinary experience with each use.

Additionally, although initially focused on the professional market, Caviaroli plans to launch Pinturas by Caviaroli to the Retail Channel in the near future, allowing culinary enthusiasts to enjoy this exclusive dining experience in their own homes.

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