Bridgerton actress Nicola Coughlan recently revealed some exciting news during an interview with Hits Radio. She shared that she will be attending one of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour shows to celebrate the release of Bridgerton Season 3, Part 2. It seems that her niece, who is a huge Swiftie, played a big role in inspiring her to attend the concert.

During the interview, Coughlan mentioned that her niece, while grilling her about her favorite Taylor Swift album, was surprised when she mentioned “1989” as her favorite. It seems like her niece was expecting a different answer, but Coughlan stood by her choice. She also confessed that she feels slightly intimidated by her niece’s extensive knowledge of Swift’s earlier albums and is worried about not having a “Ph.D. in Swiftism.”

It’s no surprise that Coughlan is excited to attend the Eras Tour show, especially since two of Taylor Swift’s songs were featured in Season 3 of Bridgerton. The actress also revealed that she believes the song “Shake It Off” best describes her character, Penelope, which shows her connection to Swift’s music.

While Coughlan did not specify which concert she will be attending, Taylor Swift is currently on the U.K. leg of her tour, so it’s possible that she will be attending a show soon. Fans are eagerly waiting to see if Coughlan will share photos from the concert and maybe even bring along some of her Bridgerton co-stars for a fun night out.

Overall, it’s clear that Nicola Coughlan is a dedicated Swiftie and is looking forward to enjoying the Eras Tour experience. It will be exciting to see her immerse herself in Taylor Swift’s music and have a memorable time at the concert. Perhaps this experience will inspire some new ideas for Bridgerton Season 4 and beyond.