A 17-year-old boy who had been missing from Flint, Michigan, since May has been located after he randomly appeared on a live-streamed video in Miami. Troy Coleman, who was last seen leaving his house in Flint and possibly boarding a public bus in late May, surprised popular Twitch streamers FaZe Lacy and Clix when he approached them while they were recording a live video at an outdoor table at a Miami restaurant. He was wearing a neon-green bathing suit and did not seem to have any other belongings with him besides a sweatshirt.

The incident was captured on the live stream, and viewers left comments calling Coleman names like “crackhead” and drunk. After the video, an email was shared on X from Trent Coleman, who identified himself as Coleman’s brother. He explained that Troy was not on drugs but had schizophrenia and was missing for three months.

FaZe Lacy, the Twitch streamer, shared that they were able to get in touch with Coleman’s brother, who provided information about the hotel where Troy was staying in Miami. As a result, Coleman was found and placed in a holding cell in Miami until arrangements could be made for his return to Michigan with his family. The Flint Township Police Department confirmed that Coleman had been found safe in Miami and that efforts were being made to bring him back to Michigan.

The power of the internet and social media played a significant role in locating Troy Coleman and ensuring his safe return to his family. The incident serves as a reminder of how technology can be used for positive outcomes in missing person cases. It also highlights the importance of raising awareness about mental health issues like schizophrenia to prevent stigmatization and ensure that individuals receive the support and care they need.