Michigan State Representative Neil Friske, a 62-year-old Republican, was arrested for allegedly chasing an exotic dancer with a gun in Lansing. The incident occurred after a disagreement, which led to reports of possible shots fired around 2:45 a.m. on Thursday. Friske was released from police custody on Friday morning.

The dancer involved reportedly worked at the Deja Vu Showgirls strip club near a condo owned by Friske. The establishment declined to comment on the situation. Law enforcement responded to a possible sexual assault of an adult female on the scene.

Although felony charges of sexual assault, assault, and a weapons-related offense have been requested against Friske, he has not been charged or arraigned yet. His attorney stated that they are fully focused on proving his innocence. The investigation is ongoing, and prosecutors are coordinating with law enforcement.

Friske, known for his conservative values and affiliation with the House’s Freedom Caucus, is facing a primary election challenge in August. His opponent, Parker Fairbairn, expressed concerns about Friske’s voting record and stated that he is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Fairbairn highlighted Friske’s past votes against various issues, including protecting spouses from marital rape and making child marriage illegal.

Despite the allegations, Friske’s campaign remains confident in his innocence and believes that he will be able to refute any charges brought against him. The situation has sparked political discussions in the 107th District, where Friske is seeking re-election for a second term. The outcome of the primary election will likely determine the representative for the Republican stronghold.

Overall, the incident involving Rep. Neil Friske has raised questions about his character and potential impact on his political career. The ongoing investigation and legal proceedings will shed more light on the situation, and the voters in the 107th District will ultimately decide the future of their representation.