Tomato is an essential classic. It is a fruit that contains very interesting substances for health, some of which are from the same family as the potato. The doctor and nutritionist Magda Carlas highlights, in the 84th podcast of ‘Respuestas que nourish’, that “it is a very interesting vegetable.”

Carlas assures that “it has a lot of vitamin C. Not as much as orange, but in 200 grams of tomato we have between 50 and 60% of the vitamin C that we have to take per day.”

According to Carlas, tomatoes have little fat and sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium and protein. It contains vitamins E, B and A, and also carbohydrates. Only between 18 and 22% are calories and the reason is because it has a lot of water. Furthermore, the doctor highlights that, according to many studies, “it contains lycopene, which has a great antioxidant function and is also good for preventing prostate cancer.”

In addition, the doctor also assures that there is more lycopene in a ripe tomato than in a green one. She also states that when we grind it to make gazpacho, the air and oxygen cause it to oxidize more, and then the vitamins C and B, which are water-soluble, decrease.