Jet missing since 1971 found submerged in Vermont’s Lake Champlain, experts say

Experts recently discovered the wreckage of a corporate private jet that had been missing for over 50 years in Lake Champlain in Vermont. The plane, with the registration N400CP, vanished after taking off from Burlington and headed to Providence, Rhode Island, on January 27, 1971. The pilots Donald Myers and George Nikita, along with passengers Richard Windsor, Robert Williams, and Frank Wilder, were on board during the fatal flight.

Despite numerous attempts over the years, the wreckage was never located until underwater searcher Garry Kozak and his team successfully uncovered it last month using sonar imaging. Kozak confirmed that the custom paintwork of the plane matched the missing jet, leading them to be 99% sure of the discovery.

Family members of the victims expressed mixed emotions upon hearing the news. Barbara Nikitas, the niece of pilot George Nikita, described the bittersweet feeling of finally finding closure after so many years. Frank Wilder, the father of another passenger, shared his relief at knowing the whereabouts of the plane but mentioned that it raised new questions that needed to be addressed.

Debris from the plane was initially found in 1971 at Shelburne Point, Vermont, after the ice melted from the lake. This recent breakthrough by Kozak and his team has shed new light on the mysterious disappearance of the jet from 1971. The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating the information they received, and inquiries have been made to the Federal Aviation Administration for further details on the case.